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Wings Around Britain.

Record breaking flight around the UK landing at all of the airfields in the Jeppesen VFR Manual, between 21 May and 31 July 2007. 221 Airfields visited, 158 flying hours, 19,000 nautical miles, 163 passengers, 96 disabled passengers. Dreadful weather! Wonderful, wonderful support for FSD – Thank you.

At last FSD has final TAKEN OFF in the States. Chris Stites with the help of his team have started Able Flight in the States modelled on the UK FSD. So far they have awarded 10 scholarships and it is growing by the minute! Read more here

Wings Around the World is out in paperback. (The hardback is now sold out), The paperbacks are £12.99 plus P&P and all author proceeds and a percentage of the publisher's profits go to FSD as with the hardbacks. Click here to purchase or to make a donation to the charity.

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Picture below:-

Polly and the Red Arows in a flypast of Wickenby. Cpl Darren Budziszewski had the tricky task
of shooting the imagery (crown copyright)

Polly and Red Arrows on flypast at Wickenby


Trans Atlantic Solo flight
July – August 1997:

With 500 hours and a newly acquired instrument rating – Polly flew solo across the North Atlantic to Boston and back in her single engine Piper Dakota

Wings Around the World: In aid of “Flying Scholarships for the Disabled”
January – May 2001:

The smallest aircraft to be flown solo around the world by a woman via Australia and across the Pacific

Wings Around the World II - Voyage to the Ice:
In aid of “Flying Scholarships for the Disabled”
RECORD BREAKING FLIGHT - 6th May 2003 to 27th April 2004:

- First woman to fly solo over the North Pole in a single engine aircraft
- First woman to fly solo in Antarctica in a single engine aircraft
- First person to fly solo around the world landing on all seven continents
- 60,000 nautical miles, 357 days. More information on the voyages page.

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